TG Productions organise a diverse range of events catering for different tastes and experiences.

Torture Garden

Torture Garden is the world’s largest & most famous fetish / body art club. Featuring monthly London events at various venues for 500 - 2500 people, 3 events per year in Edinburgh, and occasional international tour events in Rome, Tokyo, Toronto, and all around the world. Torture Garden events enforce a strict fetish and fantasy dress code, and if you don't dress up you won't get in. Fetish events also create an erotic atmosphere, but there are strict codes of conduct to make them safe and respectful environments, and TG does not tolerate any non-consensual behaviour or harassment.

Torture Garden events consist of venues with multiple rooms offering diverse experiences, catering for main dancefloor & stage shows, possible 2nd dancefloor and cabaret stage, and various dungeon or play rooms. Your experience is what you choose to make it, and TG can be a fun dressed up party with great fashion shows and performances, or it can be as dark and as erotic as you want to take it.


Torture Garden 2017 NOT NYE Ball

30th DEC @ Ministry of sound ,

10:00 pm - 6:00 am

103 Gaunt Street, Camberwell, London SE1, UK



TG Celebrates New Years Eve EVE (the night before NYE!) @ one of Londons most legendary venues.



5 Themed Rooms



Ironic Not New Years Eve EVE Celebrations!!!



Latex Fashion Show by:
Pandora Delux


Performances by:



The Box - Club Arena
DJs: Allen TG, Jimmy Mofo, David TG, Rockit Riyad, Cat La Chapelle
Electro House, Dub Step, Booty Breakz, Drum n Bass



Ballroom Arena
DJs: The Roustabouts, The Secretary, Lydia Darling, Hitman Hearn
Mash-up Burlesque, Freakshow, Electro Swing, Sleazy Rock n Roll, Glamour Trash, R n B Booty



Dungeon Playroom
SM Play Equipment by Play Penz
Atmospheric & Ritual Soundscapes



Balcony Couples Playroom
Fantasy Play Equipment
Ambient Erotica Soundscapes



Balcony Boudoir Lounge
Chill Out Seating Booths



* Multi-screen Fantasy, Fetish, Burlesque, Body Art & Mutation Visuals Throughout


TG is an extreme fetish event and has a strict code of conduct - we are a fetish party, not a hen/ stag do, and we have a zero tolerence policy when it comes to any form of harassment, we very rarely have problems but if you do encounwer any issues please do let a staff member know immediately!! You cannot touch anyone without their consent, this includes "jokingly" slapping someone on the bum/ tapping them with a riding crop, consent is a key part to our events, and if you cannot respect this, you will be asked to leave!!!


We do not allow customers to take photographs in the club, yes, that includes selfies, this is to protect customer privacy - we have official photogrpahers who wear TG photo passes around their necks, photos taken by them are posted to the TG FB galleries 1-2 weeks after the party, if you don't want to be photographed at the club, just say no when they ask! 


Enforced Fantasy Fetish Dress Code - Explore Your Imagination!
Fantasy * Fetish * Burlesque * Body Art * Drag * Uniform * Medical * Militaria * Berlin Kabaret * Moulin Rouge * Venice Carnival Masque Ball * Circus Side Show * Top Hat & Tails Etc


Full Fantasy Fetish Costumes Only! No Cheesy & Cheap Fancy Dress Copies! No Casual Street Clothes! No Street Camouflage! No Cotton T-Shirts or Underpants! No Suits (even with a hat)! No Jeans (even black) No regular fabric black trousers! No lycra leggings! This is a full fetish fantasy event! You can email the office until 2 days before the event to check that your outfit will be ok - there is no need to risk being turned away! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

No Cameras! No Use Of Mobile Phones!
No Refund If Not In Dress Code!!!


Advance Tickets: £35 / £40 on Door (subject to availability) / TG Office Info Tel: + 44 (0)20 7500 7730

Future Events

Torture Garden London:
Oct 28th 2017, Halloween Ball 1, Coronet
Nov 4th 2017, Halloween Ball 2, Coronet
Dec 9th 2017, Xmas Ball, Coronet
Dec 30th 2017, Not NYE Ball, Ministry of Sound
Feb 9th 2018, Valentines 1, Fire
Feb 10th 2018, Valentines 2, Electric Brixton
March 16th 2018, Electrowerkz
April 13th 2018, Birthday Weekend 1, Electrowerkz
April 14th 2018, Birthday Weekend 2, Electric Brixton
May 11th 2018, Electrowerkz
Torture Garden Edinburgh:
Nov 18th 2017, The Caves
Feb 24th 2018, The Caves
June 23rd 2018, The Caves
Nov 17th 2018, The Caves
Torture Garden Brighton:
Nov 25th 2017, Brighton Manor House Feb 17th 2018, Valentines, Brighton Manor House
April 28th 2018, Brighton Manor House
Torture Garden International:
Nov 11th 2017, Dallas USA
May 26th 2018, Rome Italy