So you want to come to the world’s largest fetish club? 

If you read and abide by our code of conduct, we’ll get along just fine! We are a wonderful, close nit community that has existed for so long because we promote a respectful environment for people to express the most extreme version of themselves and push their boundaries! If this excites you, but you’re new to the scene and unsure where to start, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do ur best to help you out. However, if you think we’re just a sex party where you can gawp at/touch up all the wonderful people in skimpy outfits; we really aren’t for you!


We are an extreme fetish fantasy event, with a strict dresscode to match! This applies to all genders!

We are about full head to toe effort and pushing boundaries, not just a gesture towards a fetish look (a pair of PVC trousers/hotpants or bodystocking is not a full look – if you turn up with just these and trainers, you will be turned away!). TG is a place for you to be the most extravagant version of yourself – the club should look like a scene from a movie rather than a fancy dress party! If you can wear any part of your outfit to a regular party, or travel on the tube without being stared at, then it’s a good sign that you won’t be dressed up enough for TG!! This is your chance to be someone that you can’t be anywhere else, we are a home for people that want a safe place to be as extreme and excessive in their look as possible!

The club is what it is due to the level of effort that our customers put into their outfits for the night, so we strictly enforce the dresscode policy on the door and don’t make exceptions!

Items that are 100% not allowed in to the club include:

More info and suggestions will be written on the event page & posted on the Insta for the party that you are looking to attend

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance or inspiration, check out our blog post, website gallery and Instagram

Email yasmin@torturegarden.com, if you need to check your outfit prior to the party!