What are the club rules?

Safety at TG is paramount at TG, and consent is our core value. Anyone not behaving respectfully will be removed, so take the time to please watch the video below to familiarise yourself with the club rules, or read the text version at

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

Yes, 95% of TG parties sell out in advance. Events such as Halloween/Valentines sell out quite far in advance, so it is very rare that we have tickets for sale on the door.

Dice display all their tickets through an App, so you will need to download the App and display the ticket on your phone at the door!

If you have any issues downloading the app, or for ALL OTHER TICKET QUERIES, please contact Dice directly on

Is TG open every night, or just the dates on the website?

We are an event rather than a venue. This means we don’t have a permanent space, so the dates on the websites are the only dates that we have parties.

Where can I find accessibility information for the event?

Accessibility varies depending on the venue, we will always post information at the bottom of the event information for each event.

We also offer complimentary companion tickets for disabled customers – email to get this set up!

I can't find a specific event for sale on the site - is it sold out?

All events go on sale approx. 2 months before the event. If you don’t see the event you want to go to in the ticket section of the website, then it isn’t on sale yet.

If an event is sold out, it will say this on the listing


I can no longer make the event, can I return my ticket?

Tickets are sold as non refundable, so we aren’t able to accept returns or transfer tickets.

Our ticket agent, Dice, run a waiting list/returns system for sold out events. Once an event sells out, you can easily return your tickets or join the waiting list via the app.

If you need help with this, please contact Dice on

Do I need ID to get into the party?

If you normally need to carry ID for proof of age (i.e. you look under 25), you will need ID at all our events.

In addition, some of the London venues we work with (Electrowerkz, Scala, Fire) have ID scanners. This means all customers, regardless of age, must have PHYSICAL (not a photo on your phone), in-date ID to enter the venue. This is part of venue licensing (standard in many larger London venues), and is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Acceptable forms of ID are: original (no copies) passport, driving license, national ID, Validate cards (available to order on line within 24 hours) and citizen cards.

If you are unsure, information on ID will always be included in the event info and customer email. If you have any issues or queries regarding ID, you need to contact the venue directly!

Once a party is sold out, will there be tickets available on the door/ in other outlets/ can I still get in?

Once an event is sold out it means we are full to capacity. There will be no tickets available anywhere – including on the door.

We have recently change ticket agent to DICE. Dice run a waiting list/returns system for sold out events, so we will no longer be running this in house. To join the waiting list, all you need to do is go to the Dice ticket page (accessed by clicking the “join waiting list” link on the event listing), and click “join the waiting list”.

Please do not contact us directly to ask to be added to the waiting list!

What is the Dresscode?

We are an extreme fetish fantasy event, with a strict dresscode to match! This applies to all genders – if you don’t like dressing up, then we aren’t the right party for you!

We are about head to toe effort and pushing boundaries, not just a gesture towards a fetish look. TG is a place for you to be the most extreme version of yourself – the club should look like a scene from a movie rather than a fancy dress party! If you can wear any part of your outfit to a regular party, or travel on the tube without being stared at, then it’s a good sign that you won’t be dressed up enough for TG!! This is your chance to be someone that you can’t be anywhere else, we are a home for people that want a safe place to be as extreme and excessive in their look as possible!

The club is what it is due to the level of effort that our customers put into their outfits for the night, so we strictly enforce the dresscode policy on the door and don’t make exceptions!

Items that are 100% not allowed in to the club include:

Jeans (any colour, including black)
Regular suits (yes even with a hat)
Cotton shirts and t-shirts
Sexy party dresses that could be worn to any nightclub
Cotton underwear/boxer shorts
Camo trousers/street camo
Regular black fabric trousers
Leggings/Meggings – including shiny/wet look leggings for men (this seems to have become the go to minimum effort outfit over the past year so we’ve had to say no more!)

For advice on what to wear, please head to the dresscode blog post:

Torture Garden Dresscode

Can I check that my outfit will be ok for TG Dresscode before the party?

Yes! You can email, up until the day before the party that you are coming to for us to let you know if you’re outfit will pass dresscode. There is no need to risk being turned away on the night, we are more than happy to chat through outfit options with you.

Torture Garden Dresscode

What footwear is suitable for the club?

As it says in the dresscode, we expect full head to toe fetish outfits, and this means footwear to match! However, we do appreciate that you may wish to wear more comfortable shoes for dancing. In this case plain flat shoes are acceptable, so long as the rest of your outfit is full fetish, and your shoes do not distract form this!


Your gym trainers, old converse, flip flops, muddy walking boots or beach sandals are definitely NOT suitable for wearing to the club.

Do I have to arrive already in my outfit/ can I change once I get there?

If you aren’t comfortable travelling in your outfit, then you’re welcome to change once you arrive. The dresscode staff at the door will need to see your outfit at the door, and we have a second tier of dresscode staff inside the club, so please have it easily accessible to show them if you won’t already be wearing it.

We don’t have a specific changing area at all our events, but customers are welcome to change in the toilets before going into the main club. To help make it easier to get changed once at the event, we recommend wearing as much of your outfit under your regular clothes as possible, and then you can easily give a quick flash to the door staff on entry to the club.

Is there a cloakroom at your events?

Yes, every party we do has the same kind of cloakroom that you would find at any nightclub. You check in coats and bags when you arrive, then check them out again when you leave. We do not use venues that have locker facilities that you can return to during the night.

Is there a bar at your events?

We have fully licensed bars at all our events.

Is there a specific area/couples room etc. at all your events?

The facilities at our events are venue dependent. All information regarding rooms, areas, performances and DJs will be listed in the event information at each event.

Please note, that in order to keep the couples room safe, we do ONLY allow couples in this area (no throuples, groups etc.). We’d love to allow poly groups etc. in this area too, but unfortunately we’ve found that this is the only way to keep it safe and manageable.

When are your upcoming parties?

All confirmed dates are on the website at the bottom of our events page If a party is listed on there, but does not have a featured page on the website, it means that it has not gone on sale yet. If a party is sold out, it will show as sold out in the event information next to the event listing.

Can I take photos in the club?

NO! We are a fetish event, and to protect customer privacy we do not allow customers to take photos (even of themselves, it would be impossible for us to police this if people could take selfies).

We do have official photographers wearing TG passes that take photos at our parties. They will check with you before snapping you, so if you don’t want to be caught on camera, just say no! We post galleries onto the TG FB as we receive them from the photographers (generally 5 days – 2 weeks after a party), and also post select photos on the Instagram. If you are caught taking photos inside the club you will be asked to leave.

We also have photobooth areas at some of our events, but this will be clearly marked with signs!

I got a phone call from a TG rep, is this legit?

It’s very unlikely anyone from TG will make phone calls to a customer, we don’t employ marketing reps, and we will certainly never call you for marketing purposes.

Unless we’re returning a call you made to us, this is likely a scam.

If I can’t use a camera phone, can I still bring my phone in with me?

Yes, we understand a lot of you need your phones with you in case of issues with babysitters/ work etc, that’s fine! We just ask that if you need to check your phone, you do so descretely, and out of the way of other customers! Please remember that this is a fantasy environment, and having your phone out constantly will ruin the night for others!

I lost something at the club, who should I contact?

The venues deal directly with lost property, so please contact them directly. All venue contact details will be available on Google.

Unfortunately we’re unable to help with loss of non-tangible items (dignity, sanity, ability to blend in in the outside world) 😉