So you want to come to the world’s largest fetish club? 

If you read and abide by our code of conduct, we’ll get along just fine! We are a wonderful, close nit community that has existed for so long because we promote a respectful environment for people to express the most extreme version of themselves and push their boundaries! If this excites you, but you’re new to the scene and unsure where to start, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do ur best to help you out. However, if you think we’re just a sex party where you can gawp at/touch up all the wonderful people in skimpy outfits; we really aren’t for you!


All patrons must be in full dresscode once inside the club If you aren’t in dresscode at any point in the night, you will be asked to leave.

No photography, including selfies Photos can only be taken by a photographer with an official TG pass, or in designated photobooth areas (if there’s one at the event).

Do not touch anyone without permission If you do not understand consent, this isn’t the party for you. We have a zero tolerence policy for pushy or non-consensual behaviour of any kind. This applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation etc.

Consent works the same in a fetish party as it does in the outside world, any form of touching without permission is unacceptable,  and will result in immediate removal from the event and being banned from all future parties, no second chances.

Solo masturbation – unless you are specifically invited, do not interfere with a scene! Give people space, behave respectfully, anyone seen loitering around players or behaving in a predatory manner will be removed from the club

Anyone seen behaving in a predatory way or seeking intoxicated people to coerce will be removed and banned. Consent means conscious choices, fetish clubs aren’t a hunting ground, they are a place for like minded people to party and connect

No Harassment  No verbal or physical harassment will be tolerated. This includes discriminatory comments.

We welcome all genders and sexualities at the club. Please do not assume anyone’s gender, pronouns or sexuality. If you’re unsure – ask politely!

If you’re unsure of dungeon etiquette, please read the signs or ask a member of staff. You can check out the dungeon etiquette here, and read up on BDSM safety here

We want Torture Garden to be a  space were individuals can leave their daytime life behind, and explore their fantasies and sexuality safely and confidently.

If anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please speak to a member of our team wearing red sashes with the TG logo on OR venue security, who will work with you to make sure it doesn’t have to ruin your experience. 

All our staff are fully trained by TG and Good Night Out

Please be aware of yourself and your own your actions, and look after each other.

All reports of unsafe behaviour will be believed and listened to, and may result in consequences that could include ejection.

There are roller banners and signs all around the club, clearly displaying all of the club rules, dungeon etiquette and dresscode requirements. There is no excuse not to be aware of these on the night.


If you’re new to the club, scene or think you could do with a refresher; please read our blog on Fetish Club Etiquette