Torture Garden Ticket System

You can order your Torture Garden club tickets in two ways, by E-Ticket (email) or M-Ticket (text message). Please note that you can only buy tickets online. We no longer take orders over the phone.


If you order by E-Ticket you will be emailed 1 E-Ticket for each ticket you order. Each ticket has its own individual bar code. You can then email each person in your party their own ticket. When you arrive at TG your ticket will be scanned for entry. Once your ticket has been scanned it can not be used again. M-Tickets If you order by M-Ticket you will receive 1 M-Ticket text for each order. The text will have a unique bar code that will be scanned on entry. If you have ordered more than 1 ticket you will only receive 1 text, however if your party are not arriving together you may send them a copy of the text. Please note that once we have scanned the bar code to the total of the order of tickets, the bar code then becomes invalid.


Remember to bring your e-ticket or your mobile phone with you. If you do not have these items with you will not get in! Also be careful who you email tickets to or send your m-text to, As soon as the bar code has been scanned it is useless. Copying is futile. Please also note that tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless the event is cancelled. You may be refused entrance at the door if you have not abided by our dress code.